Rog North

Rog North is an El Paso area businessman and philanthropist who’s got a big place in his heart for the arts and for the youth in general. In addition to being involved with organizations such as Siglo de Oro and artists such as Jazz who recently put on and King Louix, a El Paso area filmmaker residing in Los Angeles, Rog also supports organizations such as Edumobile, who’s mission it is to provide reading tutoring programs for at-risk kids.

Rog makes a living selling collectible stamps. Here’s a Q&A Show Exclusive of ol’ Rog doing his daily stamp routine

Rog North recently visited Southern California to speak with potential investors and film producers during his brief tour promoting urban reality show.

All City. All City recently shot some auditions in El Paso, as they gear up for a late fall production slate.

The Q&A Show Team caught up with Rog North while he was in Los Angeles, promoting El Paso artists and talent. Mr. North has been in the online marketing sphere for over three decades, having the distinction of owning one of the first E-Commerce sties.  He sells rare and collectible stamp, but has owned a jewelry store also.

In 2017 Mr. North gave a speech on how to raise money as a independent artist and was surprised by one of his students. Check the video out:

Rog’s son Rawger North is an up-and-coming hip-hop artists from El Paso now residing in Dallas. He’s got an impressive slate of music videos that he’s shot all over the country.

As the country mourns the loss of Nipsey Hustle, Rog North took a moment to remind us of the passing of his son Steven North in his interview as well as providing us links to his son’s music. 

An ardent supporter of the arts and artists themselves, Rog North is always quick to put his money where his mouth is.  In addition to the urban reality show, he’s also working on launching an Intellectual Property Development company. Mr. North has also shared a short screenplay called Boo that is one of the many screenplays his team has been working on. 

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