Michele Charles Gustafson Interview

Q&A Show host Bob Theriot interviewed Michelle Charles Gustafson at Kajabi Impact Summit 2019.

Michele Charles Gustafson mentors women to dress for success, to find style and confidence that is far beyond the norm.

Michele spent more than 15 years using her Commerce (Honors) Degree in Marketing Strategy from the top university in Canada. She was as an award-winning, multi 6-figure direct sales company unit sales manager and business coach who received national recognition, cars, travel and over 8-carats in reward diamonds. 

Despite all her achievement, Michele suffered her own bout of depression linked to the definition of my self being tied to my role and business success. When her business changed, Michele reports falling into a deep sadness that threatened the happiness of every part of her life.

After I made my own transformation, I switched my focus from marketing products to marketing people - packaging their personal brand images + coaching them to master the Image-Mindset-Success connection. 

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