Q&A Show Version 2 at Impact Summit

Impact Summit 2019

The launch of the new Q&A Website coincides with the upcoming launch of Version 2 of the Show. Version 2 includes an expanded range of topics, segments, and ultimately, media products.

The Q&A Show is proud to announce that host Bob Theriot will be traveling to California to participate in the Impact Summit 2019 by Kajabi.

Impact Summit is a three-day live conference that brings together the largest gathering of creators, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and content marketers to inspire and educate so that you—and your online businesses—can grow better.

Bob is committed to expand El Paso’s local economy by helping small business better market and grow themselves. One consistent problem that many businesses have reported in El Paso is a lack of buzz by traditional media outlets.

The Q&A Show’s platform will help get cover topics and businesses that are not being covered. Also, we will be the first media outlet that is primarily focused around online video and digital platforms, allowing us to operate more efficiently and have much greater leverage on what content we can produce.

For information on becoming a part of the show, please email or visit.

We look forward to bringing you new content this week. Stay tuned.

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