College Admissions Scandal

College Admissions Scandals: A Primer

In March, federal agencies condcted a nationwide raid targeting clients of government informant . Schools and brands have been quick to distance themselves from the students and families that were are arrested. 

Despite the arrests, almost no one will go to jail. If this is the case, why should anyone care? We’ve brought together several articles and podcast that touch on some the of the bigger points. 

Just today, parents that were charged in the scandal, announced their plans to fight back. What do you think?

Below is a list of articles that cover the story. At the end is a run down and analysis. We’ll be conducting a show segment and various polls to catch the pulse of how people really feel about the cheating.  

Should people go to jail? 


Update: Parents Fight Back

Earlier today, CNN reported that parents embroiled in the lawsuit have decided to fight back against charges. Here’s the breaking report

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