Small Cakes Mothers Day Photo Giveaway

A wiseman once said “Mother’s Day is everyday… but the holiday is special because we all travel to see Mom.” The wiseman was one of the lovely people we interviewed this weekend as part of our documentary project Dos Por Una : Celebrating Mother’s on the Border.

Mother’s Day Weekend on the Border was so special that we want to keep it going! With that in mind, The Q&A Show is proud to team up with gourmet cupcake shop Small Cakes, to bring our Mother’s Day Photo Giveaway.

Small Cakes is a local gourmet cupcake shop that recently opened up a second location at 12400 Montwood Dr., the first is located at 2900 N. Mesa, meaning there’s one (relatively) nearby, no matter which side of town you live on.

Small Cakes and The Q&A Show want to see and share all of your best Mothers Day Photos and we’re giving cupcakes as prizes for the following categories:

Biggest Family Photo

Best Dressed Mom (traditional)

Best Dressed Mom (chic)

Best Dressed Mom (out-of-the-box)

Best Dressed Family

Best Family Spread

Cutest Kissing-Mom-Pic

Cutest Expecting Mom

Silliest Expression

Happiest Expression

To enter simply send your photos to:

Note: Everyone who participates will get an invitation to one of our Dos Por Una : Celebrating Mother’s on the Border screenings, coming soon!


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