Q&A Show Post Interview - Luis Manuel Ruiz Aguilar


It was an honor to be featured on the Q&A Show last night. I have a tremendous respect for Bob Theriot’s work and commitment to excellence for himself and his community. I’m very pleased to be a part of the platform and what it represents to El Paso and to the world.

In regards to last nights interview, there were certain topics that I’d like to expound on a tiny bit.

Professional Filmmaking

In regards to being a professional filmmaker, it’s important to have projects and back up projects to work the territory.

Like a snowball, a project is a magnet that helps you tap into individuals and their ever expanding circle of friends.Doesn’t matter which role you are vying for, you always have heat with regards to the projects you are attached to.

“Building Heat” is one of the secrets to success in this town… Those who wish to excel here do well to learn about it.


How Do I Survive?

A combination of freelance creative work and lots of help from my mentor and investor Rog North. I have a client that I do script doctor work for, which also lead to doing the pitch deck for his movie, called the Cure. David Oliver from Dallas is currently trying to build heat for that project and if he gets funding, I should be hired on  for some form of producing.

My recent freelance work has consisted of building brands from the ground up and making them into user experiences. I launched Freelance Creative with Rog North and that helped me land a gig designing a capsule collection for a super cool clothing line aimed at supporting bees.

I’ve been producing work with Rog North for over a decade now which has included short films, near features, music videos, etc. We are in talks with an overseas investor about forming a Intellectual Property company that would basically produce show concepts and scripts nimbly to respond to Hollywood’s need for diverse voices, characters, etc. I would oversee the writing, working to train other writers into a collaborative system that I’ve learned and developed for over 10 years.

Check out my website for more info: kinglouix.com

The Metamorphosis

My main project right now is a feature length horror screenplay called Welcome Home Gregor. Welcome Home Gregor is the story of Grete Samsa who volunteers to take responsibility for her brother Gregor’s home hospice after he’s returned home from enemy capture. What Grete did not expect was for her brother to mutate into a giant vermin. Welcome Home Gregor is a screenplay adaptation of Franz Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis. It’s a horror film that deals with the realities of war.

I’ve been working on this screenplay for over a year now and its had three versions with eleven full drafts. I’m currently awaiting coverage from an award-winning producer then its time to take the notes and work the contest and submissions circuit.

Here’s some footage I shot while on a writers retreat to the setting of the screenplay, Oxnard.

If Not Today, Soon.

If Not Today, Soon is a pilot script and series outline based in modern day Los Angeles.  INT,S main character is an undocumented labor slave who escapes from the control of a powerful human trafficking organization, and its leader Raymond. Raymond was Yumi’s sponsor since her father traded Yumi to Raymond to cover a gambling debt. Raymond kept Yumi with his aunt, planning to take her as a concubine at maturity. Instead, Yumi escapes, sets off a turf war throughout LA, giving Yumi an opening to strike back. 

I’ve been working on this series for about sixteen months now. 

All City

A traveling hip-hop tournament aimed at capturing today’s local hip-hop scenes in the city’s that have helped shape hip-hop history and those who will future impact.

The Future of Media

These projects range anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars to produce. They take months and years of planning to execute. There many ways to skin a cat, and as a professional content creator, there are two great axioms working in my favor: consumers have a voracious appetite for new content and brands are willing to spend more money than consumers themselves to watch content. 

I’ve recently engaged a brand integration company that’s helping me identify areas where I can put products into my content to help production of said funding. Now, this isn’t necessarily a new concept, what is exciting that it is available to someone at my current level within the industry.

I will say this, I’ve experienced some of the greatest transformations that my industry has seen in the last three-and-a-half years with the rise of streaming and the further democratization of production technology. Being in the environment during the transformation has also sparked transformation in myself. I have amassed a steady string of workshops, seminars, and experiences that are putting me exactly where I need to be to take advantage of the change and not be subject to it. 

Last year I shot this short film while the Teachers Strike was happening. As a filmmaker, as a journalist, and an artist, I’m living the life that I envisioned for myself. I’ve taken some unpopular opinions which have cost me financially, which in turn has caused strife in my personal life that I’m anxious to fix.

In the end, it is my hope to leave a transformative legacy with regards to my work and what I personally consider to be an unsustainable march to implosion. I consider working with Bob Theriot and the Q&A Platform as a continuation of some of the work that as is most important to me, the economic and cultural advancement of El Paso. 

I once worked in economic development for a company called the El Paso Regional Economic Development Corporation and was sent to Denver Colorado to earn a certification in economic development that was partially paid for by the City of El Paso. I left the position because even ten years ago I could see how misguided the efforts of El Paso’s leaders were. 

More than ten years later, I’m sad to say that there was no way that I could ever imagine the corruption would reach this level. Just like films take years to bring to fruition, so do efforts to justice. I hope you will continue to keep up my personal work. 


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