Coachella 2019 - Rick "I've Attended Every Coachella" Silver's Weekend 1

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Rick Silver is a borderland native who now lives in Los Angeles, California. Rick’s appeared in several movies including by Hail Ceasar! by the Coen Brothers, Suicide Squad, and our local Gray Area pilot. He’s also appeared on print ads for Belvediere and landed National TV Spots for Verizon and T-Mobile.

The Q&A Show caught up with Rick to get his first person account of Weekend 1 of Coachella.

How many Coachellas have you been to?

All of them.. Coachella is my happy place.

What is it about Coachella that makes it your happy place?

I love all aspects of the festival, my favorite thing being that there are so many genres that come together. EDM is my favorite genre alongside with Rock and they give me everything.. they had pop, rock, Latin..  Latin was huge this year and this was very special for me. Also a highlight is planning the experience with friends, the stay… getting ready for the party, the outfits.. its a journey… Having said that, it can also be a nightmare… everything’s really expensive so you have plan ahead.. logistics is everything at a music festival like this… these are priceless times you share with your loved ones to go through the whole weekend, the parties, the housing… its all consuming…The whole world stops for a second and there’s just dancing and love.. all good vibes… everyone is there to see their favorite artists and be with their favorite friends…. Its also a time of romance that is unparalleled… imagine having your loved on in your arms and your standing in the crowd of tens of thousands of people.. its an unabashed love fest.

You also attend Burning Man most years. Compare Coachella to Burning Man.

I personally can’t compare the two… Burning Man is a city that’s there for a week… not about music or artists… not something to be broadcasted. I don’t know why, but there is a misconception.. Coachella, in addition to the music and art, is about brands, sponsorships and marketing… Burning Man is not that. 

What was favorite performance of the Weekend?

Ironically, not the headliners… last year it was em and Beyonce and Eminem.. this year.. other artists that exceed my expectations… Sofi Tukker… the energy during that set was so amazing.. everyone was singing and dancing! Excellent music.

There was also Rufus du sol at The Outdoor Theater and then at the Du Lab stage… it was a secret special guest… the most amazing set to dance to… more intimate… I got the invite via Du Lab’s text list and it was definitely a highlight… Rufus and Bob Moses.. very different set…

Outdoor Theater


What was your least favorite performance?

I just kept walking when something wasn’t my vibe, so no least favorite.. its all a matter of perception and taste.. if you don’t like something , you have more to choose from…

What did you eat at Coachella?

Believe it or not… nothing.. not a single thing… I was so caught up in the moment… I had a good breakfast everyday.. I suggest filling up at breakfast and drinking lost of water.

Any celebrity sightings?

This year I wasn’t  paying attention but they were there… iMO.. weekend 1.. There are many LA based companies out here promoting huge parties that are by invite only.. it takes alot to get into these… neon carnival for example, also Nana Judy’s, Victorias Secret, and Zenyara estates invite only… No way to buy a ticket… they go from 300-15000 if you scalp.. go from 10pm-4am… ferris wheels.. live music and influencers and models and wanna bees.. There’s also day parties that  are like the revolve party which is a big company and its got lots of sponsor.. they do gifting and they have artist appreacences.. pictures for red carpets and such… not necessarily a real party.. deep space also by invite only.. they have music performances, cabanas and all that and beautiful people..

Any negative aspects you encountered?

I did see a few people who hit the drugs and alcohol too hard without the proper hydration... people who didn’t eat enough or at all…. its not safe.. Just like anything.. there’s a potential for abuse when you have  so much going on… so my advice for people is to pace themselves… take time to breathe and enjoy the moment…

Do you any tips for Weekend 2?

If you are with your friends set up meeting times and landmarks… also if you notice.. all along the festival there are light polls labeled tower 1 tc… find your friends though this.. its always easier this way.. the bar the restaurant.. but give each other time.. its big.. Time goes fast.. the worst part is when you lose your friends..

There’s no phone signal.. Also bring a juice pack.. bring a bottle of water to refill and your charger cable….Download the app… pic your favorites and your  phone will notify you… 

When the festival ends.. its at least an hour to leave.. there s a mass of people all trying to leave at once… trust me, you don’t want to get caught in that so plan accordingly! Also be prepared for the weather… but don’t bring extra stuff.. usually a fanny pac will cary everything.. bring chapstick! Bring a bandana and face mask.. on the way out all the dust from walking and the cars is killer.

You can also work for Coachella and they give you a day off.. lots of brands let you work and get you a bracelet.. there’s more than one way to skin a cat…

If you drink.. the VIP is very far from the stages so be advised that this is something to plan for.

Camping is a great idea if you are on a budget.. you are on premises.. no uber.. silent disco… and you can meet a bunch of people.. 


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