Coachella 2019 Coverage: Not Just Fun and Games

Coachella 2019 Coverage: Not Just Fun and Games


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a yearly event held in the Indio Polo Fields in California that brings people together from all parts of the world to participate in a massive music and arts festival. While Coachella wasn’t the first massive music and arts festival, it has certainly remained a constant fixture of this era’s music, arts, and fashion scenes across the world. 

El Paso hosts a similar event, the Neon Desert Music Festival taking place May 24-25th, and in our run up to NDMF, we’re kicking off our Coachella 2019 coverage later today. The Q&A Show is committed to changing the economic landscape in El Paso by providing quality information and training about professional development, branding and marketing, all while dropping kick-ass content with the sole purpose of entertaining. 

Before we begin our coverage, we must acknowledge several controversies around the event.

1. This might the be the weakest Coachella line up of all time. Lots to be said here,  but the truth is the general state of music in 2019 is kinda f’ed, so there’s that.

2. The group who now owns Coachella, Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) and their owner Philip Anshutz donates heavily to conservative and anti-LGTBQ causes.

3. There have been reports of rape and sexual abuse at Coachella, however, Coachella is not the anomaly here.  Coachella is taking serious steps to address this and we hope that NMDF will have a similar approach to ensuring the safety of festival goers.

Paul Tollett, founder of Goldenvoice Entertainment and co-Founder of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, addressed some of the controversy AEG. Tollet said “I’m not a Trump supporter. I think people know I'm the owner-operator of the show. I'm partners with AEG. Phil Anschutz is the one they’re talking about, and he owns thousands of companies.” 

In addition to Coachella, Goldenvoice is also behind the Stagecoach festival and over 300 smaller music events. “I run a show 365 days a year, making all the decisions. Anyone who knows me and the Goldenvoice staff, they know we have a very colorful public history.They see our 1,400 shows a year. They know our well-balanced staff, diverse from the beginning. Currently more women than men, all races, all sexual orientations. We never had a plan to do it that way; it's just what all of us are. We book our shows that way too.”

The author of this article to Goldenvoice’s diversity of staff and welcoming environment for all, having attended many Goldenvoice events around the Los Angeles area, including El Paso’s own Cigarettes After Sex at the Fonda Theater.

“He’s (Phil Anschutz) so not thinking about Coachella. He has no opinion if I should pivot from dubstep to trap-house. Most billionaires are Republicans. The billionaire attached to Live Nation is a Republican Trump supporter. Ticketmaster, same thing. Madison Square Garden? Billionaire Trump supporter. I know Mr. Anschutz isn't a Trump supporter. None of it matters to me.”

The truth of the matter is that El Pasoans would have to boycott the entire city if they were to be fair in boycotting things owned by billionaires who make unsavory donations and use of their money… there’s a time and a place for that discussion, this is article is not it.

With that said, we hope that you will find our coverage of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to be entertaining, enlightening, and exciting; NDMF is right around the corner. 

There is also an educational aspect for myself. Your boi here’s a Freelance fashion designer who just landed a gig to design a capsule collection in late 2019 for a super amazing group (more on that later), a film and tv producer working the corporate sponsorship angles, and of course, always looking to add to my team and earn a spot on elite rosters. 

Since moving to Los Angeles from El Paso in 2019, my artistic abilities have grown exponentially through a constant immersion in world-class arts and music events, my business and marketing savviness has also grown tremendously by being exposed to world class events and the integrations that world class brands pay top dollar for.  

My first year at Coachella was spent in the Artists Compound and backstage, on assignment. I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me and my SO Stacey. Hope you’ll follow us on the journey.

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