Bachelor of the Week - Valentin Sandoval

Here at the Q&A Show, we’re always looking for ways to have a good time, make people feel good, and do something nice. With that in mind, we’ve created a section called Bachelor of the Week. This isn’t some reality TV show fluff, but a more down-to-earth approach to that ol’ time romance.

Our first bachelor is many things: he’s a poet, he’s a writer, he’s a content creator, space maker, and above all, a really cool guy to be around. He’ll make you laugh, he’ll make you cry, he’ll make you pay for the bill… alright, not the last part.

Valentin Sandoval is a native El Pasoan who’s traveled throughout the US and Mexico working in the creative arts. Valentin’s book, South Sun Rises, a collection of short poems, won the Southwest Book Award in 2017. The space that he runs with his business partner, Power at the Pass, is an El Paso cultural icon, having hosted countless art shows, concerts, film and music shoots and more.

Without further adieu, heres’s Valentin Sandoval.

Why you are a “catch”?

Well, if a woman desires a man that keep her intellectually engaged then she need look no further. Let’s say this woman, is after sincere interaction, well then I’m sure she’d appreciate me for the man that I am. I’d love to spend time with a woman appreciating myself and herself, and from this vantage point, find ourselves in a poetic love that can last for a moment or a for a lifetime.

Our relationship could be profound, it could be surface level. It could be whatever this woman wants it to be as long it remains simple and sweet. Ultimately, I think that’s what women want and that’s why I’m a catch. I can listen and I can talk. I can be interesting, but really, I want to be interested… captivated even. I want to dode on a woman they way she wants to in her heart.

I want a woman who wants to perserve the innocence in romance. I’d love to meet woman who had a lyrical outlook on life, who know how to enjoy themselves and look at the bright side of life. My heart is big: I’d love to be a support, offer fortification, camaraderie, passion and love.

If a woman is looking for reciprocity and dialogue I’ll be the man.

What do you think ladies? Would you give Valentin a shot?

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