Keep it Clean 2020

A buzz-worthy local organization Food Firewall, recently launched a national Kickstarter Campaign aimed at re-imagining a 2020 Election Cycle devoid of negativity and mudslinging. From the founders Food Firewall, comes this message:


New Nonpartisan Grassroots Movement To Focus On Addressing Today’s Political Rancor


May 14, 2019 



Seeing today’s overheated political climate, two women from El Paso, both mothers and one a grandmother, have decided, as concerned citizens, that enough is enough.

Benita Neumann and Elizabeth Levy, co-owners of a small border mini apron manufacturing company, feel compelled to take a stand against the escalating climate of political divisiveness that is currently impacting almost every American family.

They both have also seen that very little, if anything, is being done to counter this, and have therefore decided that a national grassroots movement would be needed.

To make this a reality, they are starting a nonpartisan grassroots campaign to, as they call it, “Keep It Clean For 2020!”

Benita and Liz both say “with over 500 days in the 2020 election, people are already exhausted from all the angry rhetoric and political rancor coming out of Washington. This rhetoric also feeds into the anger we are seeing every day on our social media. Instead of sticking to the issues, our politicians are engaging in constant personal attacks. All this constant negativity, we feel, is literally tearing our nation apart.”

As a first step, Benita and Liz will use their products to help send a powerful message to both Congress and the other candidates to encourage civil campaigning.

They both plan to initially build this movement by using the innovative Kickstarter platform on the Internet.

The two women will be launching their “Keep It Clean For 2020!” campaign on starting this Thursday, May 16th when the hyperlink will be available to the public. 


To find out how to join this online grassroots movement on Kickstarter, starting May 16th, contact or call Jim Levy at 915-301-7054 for more information.

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