The glasshouse study


The Glasshouse Study is a Q&A Show projected aimed at painting a picture of the current state of El Paso media with regards to quality of coverage, representation, and fairness. The project consists of a survey that local El Pasoans are encouraged to fill out and a series of interviews with people who work in the media or entertainment fields.

Abel rodriguez

A veteran media producer and on-air personality, Abel Rodriguez has been witness to breakneck change occurring in media.


david casto

Rarely do you see a hip-hop artist who works on all ends of the spectrum and who’s talent and elevate rather than alienate those around him.


papa joe

A staple of El Paso’s music scene, Papa Joe’s been ardent supporter of the local music scene by crafting living diaries of the town’s performers, and now branching out to include touring acts.

Adam Lucero

The man behind the legendary crew that brought you Sun City Music Festival, countless events at Buchanon’s and Club 101, and one of El Paso’s pioneer ravers. Adam is the embodiment of the DIY mentality and he’s used it to great effect.

John B. Hogan

John B. Hogan is a licensed drone pilot and former candidate for El Paso City Council. You can catch John at most City Council meetings, doing his best to keep ‘em honest. The younger generation could learn a thing or two from this man!