Episode 33 - Joel “The Optimistic Seeker’ Rodriguez

Interview with "Optimistic Seeker" Joel Rodriguez. Learn how Joel wants to share his way of thinking & philosophy with the world!

Joel Rodriguez was born and raised in New York City during the 1980s heroin crisis and crack cocaine epidemic. By age 16, he was a high school dropout and labeled an underprivileged, troubled and at-risk youth. Defying the odds, he rose out of poverty, became a U.S Marine and established a successful career in federal law enforcement. He is now a highly trained Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security. Joel has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad. He has a wide range of training, knowledge and experience in tactical operations, as an instructor and over 20 years as a federal law enforcement officer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice and he is an avid reader of self-improvement and personal-development books.

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