The Q&A Demographics Sheet

Hyperlocal Marketing for El Paso. National Feel, Global Reach.

Segmented Products for hyperlocal niche audiences

Universal themes for global, niche audiences.

Lifestyle demographics

Primary Audience : 16-24 Female and Male

Lifestyle Secondary : 24-40 Female and Male

Go Demographics

Primary Audience : 24-40 Males

Secondary Audience : 16-24 Males

Longevity demographics

Primary Audience: 24-40 Females and Males

Secondary Audience: 16-24 Males and Females 

Prozone Demographics

Primary Audience  24-40 Females and Males

Secondary Audience 16-24 Females and Males

Home & Heart demographics

Primary Audience : 40-65 Females and Males

Secondary : 30-40 Females and Males

El Daily Planet (coming soon)

Primary Audience : 40-65 Males and Females

Secondary Audience:  24-40 Males and Females

Content Packages

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